School Administration

ParisiDina Parisi, Head of School

Dina was the founder of a local parent organization for a special needs private school, where she served as president for two years and held committee chair position for an additional year.  She then was a consultant in the creation of Mainspring, providing support and insight into its corporate structures.   She is an expert in non-profit implementation and organization, having served in the non-profit sector for a combined 8 years. She has also worked in the healthcare and travel industries. Dina received her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Business Administration at Louisiana State University, where she also served as a Student Ambassador and lead fundraiser for the Ourso College of Business’ capital campaign. Dina has also completed graduate coursework in Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Non-Profit Management with an expected completion date of Spring 2019.

As the Head of School,  Dina works under the direction the Board of Directors to ensure the school’s financial stability, community engagement, and sound policies and procedures.  Dina has a son that attends Mainspring Academy as well as two other children, a wonderful husband of 15 years, and a dog named Leo.