Message from the Head of School

Dear Parent,Adamson

Mainspring Academy was founded on the principles of special education, applied behavior analysis and psychology. We believe that every student is capable of learning and growing in their knowledge and understanding of educational and life concepts, and we are pleased to be the source that enriches the lives of children.

Mainspring has been created with the entire child in mind. We look in detail at each area of development to ensure that we are presenting academic, social skills, vocational and behavioral content in the most effective manner. We understand that all children need to grow in an academic environment that promotes life-long learning.

Mainspring’s vision is to serve as the premier academic center for students with special needs and learning challenges in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of curricula to accommodate each student’s unique style of learning. While in attendance at Mainspring, your child will be exposed to a variety of strategies and teaching techniques meant to bring out your child’s best effort.

We know that it takes a great deal of faith to place your child in the hands of others, and we strive to remind you each day of our gratitude. We look forward to being able to provide the ideal learning environment for your child to grow.

Garrett Adamson
Head of School