Uniforms and Supplies

IMG_6604finalMainspring Academy follows a unified dress code.

All students are required to wear clothing that falls under the approved school uniform items, which is outlined in our Student-Parent Handbook. Students are required to wear shoes at all times. Students may not wear the following types of footwear: flip‐flops, open-toed shoes, backless shoes, or slippers. Students who arrive to school not abiding by the school uniform policy will receive up to two written warnings. On the third infraction, a student will be suspended until the student has met compliance. The uniforms have been chosen carefully to meet any sensory issues that some students may have.

Mainspring Academy’s uniform vendor is RC Uniforms located in the shopping center with a Winn-Dixie store, at the intersection of St. Johns Bluff Road and Beach Boulevard. Uniforms can also be purchased online at RC Uniforms.


While tuition covers the bulk of needed supplies, Mainspring does require parents to contribute a small list of supplies that are commonly used during the school day.

In addition, teachers may ask for an additional list of supplies that will specifically be used for the student’s classroom.  Donations of new and gently used art supplies and other learning materials are always welcome!

2018- School Supplies