Mainspring Matrix

The Mainspring Matrix was designed to ensure that each student receives the individualized support and services that they need to succeed. Our matrix closely aligns with the Florida Department of Education’s Matrix of Services.


Each student is scored in 5 domains: curriculum and learning, independent functioning, communication and behavior. The following is a brief description of each domain:


Curriculum and Learning Environment

The curriculum and learning environment domain specifies the aspects of how the learning and academic materials are utilized to best educate, enrich and/or re-mediate students’ present levels of functioning. Curricular accommodations and modifications are rated based on the level or frequency of adjustments that must be made to assist the student with making progress towards their annual goals. Additional components of this domain include the class size and students’ ability to acquire presented skills. If support facilitation, lower student-to-teacher ratio, re-teaching or extended work time are needed, they will be addressed in this domain.

Independent Functioning

The independent functioning domain specifies the support needed for students to be able to navigate their environment and to complete independent living skills such as toileting and hygiene, as well as fine motor skills such as handwriting. Students who are receiving physical and/or occupational therapies will automatically have goals in this domain to address their presented deficits.


The behavior domain specifies the support needed for the student to be successful behaviorally. Each student’s needs will determine the complexity of that student’s behavior treatment plan, the intrusiveness of any proactive and reactive strategies and the crisis procedures that are required. Students who have plans that include seclusion and/or restraint will likely receive a higher rating than those students who can be easily directed within the classroom setting and with minimal to no carry-over into other environments.


The communication domain specifies the level of prompting and support needed for each student to be able to communicate individual needs throughout the school day and to be able to follow verbal instructions and routines. Speech, language, and/or alternative augmentative communication (AAC) therapies will automatically have goals in this domain to address their presented deficits.


The Health domain addresses any medical concerns or individual needs that will require additional support for the student prosper at Mainspring Academy.  Students requiring medication maintenance during the school day, regularly scheduled check-ins with our on staff nurse or medical more complex medical conditions will have goals in this domain.

Your child’s total matrix score will translate to a number of hours that you will be required to hire an approved therapist to deliver support within the classroom. These services will be paid directly to the provider or his/her place of business.

View our Matrix of Services [PDF]