Tuition and Fees

Mainspring Academy is proud to participate in the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities and the Gardiner Scholarship Program through Step Up for Students and the A.A.A Foundation.

Like our academic programming, tuition is unique to each student and their individual needs. Each student is placed in a tier as follows:

Tier 1: Low support needs (Minimal behavior that impedes the classroom environment, moderate to high independent functioning skills)

Tier 2: Mid-level support needs (Occasional behaviors that may impact the classroom environment, some need for assistance with independent functioning)

Tier 3: High support needs (Frequent behavior and/or requires maximum assistance with independent functioning)

This assigned tier will then translate to a tuition amount.  Tuition will cover the cost of a teacher and support for that teacher.  Support may include a paraprofessional (either full time or part time depending on the needs of the class) and access to our staff BCBA to update and develop behavior plans as needed.   It is important to note that tuition will not include 1:1 medical therapy such as ABA, Speech, or OT. Rather, our BCBA’s write and supervise behavior plans that are specific to your child’s success in the educational environment.   Mainspring Academy is focused on academics, life skills, and vocational skills.  While we encourage all of our families to obtain therapeutic services, we are not a clinic-based school.

In addition to participating in state scholarships, Mainspring Academy provides a limited number of financial hardship scholarships.  We are happy to discuss this with you during the enrollment process.

For more information about state scholarship funding, please visit their websites by pressing the icons below or by contacting us at (904) 503-0344 or

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