Art Program

Mainspring’s art program provides students with opportunities to creatively express their feelings and enhance social skills. Taught by Roseanne Egidio, a nationally recognized watercolorist, the program teaches discipline while addressing fine motor skills, cognitive skills of matching and spatial awareness, as well as sequential thought.

Art by Mainspring Academy Student, J.R.

Art by Mainspring Academy Student, J.R.

Daily art provides students with the opportunity of using a variety of media to  develop and promote self-awareness, creative individuality and build self- esteem. Each student is encouraged to approach each project in the student’s own creative way. Emphasis is placed on elements of art, art history,  cultural and traditional art, color theory and a variety of artistic mediums and techniques. As students advance in their art techniques, they encounter more challenging projects that help them experience a wide variety of various media, creative concepts, art terminology and techniques. Students in art classes are given many opportunities to work on individual projects to exercise personal expression.

Art by Mainspring Academy Student, St. John

 Mainspring students   are  regularly invited to display their art  in various locations throughout the city.