Mainspring believes in the mind-body connection. To further connect movement and learning, the Mainspring day includes daily sensory exploration, movement breaks, brain-gym exercises, daily physical education with a fitness expert and after school sports.unspecified-8

At Mainspring, our athletics program provides a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities through instruction which will allow the students to acquire physical skills, cognitive learning and personal/social skills that enable them to be physically active across their lifespan.

unspecified-6We provide a positive experience in a variety of lifetime fitness activities and leisure recreational activities, focusing on the establishment of a lifestyle that includes concepts of wellness and fitness. We present activities that result in improved muscular coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. We challenge all students to grow in character, self-reliance and self-discipline. We help students to improve their self-image and to reach a higher level of health, vitality and wellness.

Sensory diets prescribed by students’ occupational therapists are integrated into daily physical education unspecified-7activities. Environmental stimulation is an important component of diminishing self-stimulation behavior. The role of sensory reinforcement is a critical component of treatment. Socially appropriate alternative activities must be provided that create stimulation similar to the automatic reinforcement students are seeking.

Athletics are an extension of the academic day where our staff teaches the values of: accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, tolerance, leadership, perseverance, self-discipline, striving for excellence, and teamwork.

Many of our students participate in after school sports and are supported by a therapeutic coach. In addition, Mainspring participates in the Special Olympics school based program.  Building self-esteem and self-confidence is an ongoing process, which is used in both games and practices. Through this process, Mainspring’s therapeutic coaches challenge and develop players, both technically and emotionally, in a positive manner by using praise, modeling and constructive feedback.unspecified-9