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Join us in supporting the amazing students we serve at Mainspring Academy.

How Your Support Helps

Financial Hardship Scholarships

The cost of raising and educating a special needs child is a tremendous strain on many families. While we accept various state funded scholarships, they often do not cover the entire cost of tuition at our school. We believe in the value of a diverse student body and the opportunity for all students to have access to the best possible educational experience.

Our financial hardship committee looks at the child’s financial and educational needs. We provide full and partial scholarships, depending on the family’s income and circumstances. This program is entirely funded by corporate and private donors. Your donation to this fund will enable an economically challenged family to enroll their special needs child at Mainspring Academy.

Teacher Advancement and Education

We work hard to promote excellence within our teaching staff. The majority of our teachers are currently pursuing their graduate degree in special education. In support of our teachers, our goal is to offer them education and advancement opportunities that include tuition reimbursement and continuing education through conference attendance and workshops. We understand that our teachers are the key to our quality education. By giving to this fund, you’re enabling us to maintain a highly trained, cutting-edge, and enthusiastic faculty.

School Improvements and Expansion

As our school grows, our needs for a new campus and campus expansions grow, too. We’re on a trajectory to become an even more vital and significant provider of quality education for those with special needs or learning challenges. Our vision for the future includes a freestanding and brand-new academic facility. By contributing to this fund, you can help us turn our vision into a reality and help many deserving students, teachers, and administrators.