About Mainspring

The Mainspring Difference

Mainspring Academy believes that learning comes from experiencing. We take our students on a daily journey to different environments, both inside and outside of the classroom. These journeys create opportunities that enhance academic and social learning and encourage life experience.

Academic and Social Learning

Mainspring Academy believes in an integrated approach to academic and social learning. Daily activities, whether academic, therapeutic, artistic or physical, are connected as part of thematic units. This integrated approach allows Mainspring students to see meaning and purpose in each and every activity. The students feel stimulated and confident as their learning allows them to make connections, generalize information and apply their skills inside and outside of our classroom walls.

Values and Character

Mainspring Academy believes that teaching values and building character is integral to its program. Therefore, virtues, positive reinforcement, community responsibility and outreach are part of the Mainspring day. Many students partake in a school accountability contract, enabling them to earn positive incentives for hard work and appropriate behavior. As a vehicle for learning, understanding and developing empathy, as well as understanding the gifts of giving and thinking responsibly, Mainspring students conduct “hands-on” community projects and are encouraged with positive incentives for hard work and appropriate behavior.

Mind-Body Connection

Mainspring Academy believes in the mind-body connection. In furtherance of the connection between movement and learning, the Mainspring day includes daily sensory exploration, movement breaks, brain-gym exercises, physical education, yoga and after school sports.