We provide instruction aligned with evidence-based curricula and focus on individualized instruction to accentuate student strengths and provide remediation for academic deficiencies. Every learner is unique, so we provide ongoing assessments and progress monitoring to support growth in learning for all our students. Our experienced faculty uses accommodations, modifications, and individual support to ensure each student is making gains in every area while they’re at school.

Our Curricula

Unique Learning System

The main curriculum used school-wide is the Unique Learning System (ULS). This curriculum provides differentiated academic materials for educators to match the specific learning needs of students. ULS is a standards- and research-based special needs curriculum that’s intended to reach a wide range of learners, from pre-kindergarten to high school. ULS also includes access to News-2-You (n2y) which provides weekly readers on current events. Both ULS and n2y incorporate the use of SymbolStix PRIME, a visual supports system to accommodate readers of all levels. SymbolStix PRIME is incorporated in our school through classroom schedules, individual schedules, visual task analysis, and other similar support systems to ensure that every student is able to navigate our school and their daily routine successfully.


The Styer-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics is a complete K to 12 Transition Program. It provides a comprehensive approach to teaching real-world skills to students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. It’s designed to meet the needs of students with a variety of developmental disabilities, increasing your child’s level of independence and enabling access to their community.

Supplemental Curriculum

PCI Reading Program

The PCI Reading Program is a research-based curriculum created to teach students with developmental disabilities, autism, and other significant learning disabilities how to read. Students learn to identify five high-frequency sight words at a time, which are then incorporated into a book which only uses those words. They are then introduced to an additional five words and an additional book which incorporates ten words. This cycle continues in five-word increments as the student builds their reading skills.


i-Ready is an interactive, online curriculum designed to provide students with individualized instruction based on their unique skill level. With a focus on reading and math, i-Ready provides quarterly diagnostic assessments and places the student on a grade level matched to their performance. Based on their score, the student is placed in interactive lessons appropriate for their skill level and learning pace.

Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z includes the use of Reading A-Z, an online leveled reading database, as well as Raz-Kids and Headsprout. These two online, interactive programs help students increase their reading ability through engaging games which focus on the development of basic reading skills, such as letter sounds, blending, diagraphs, and vocabulary.

Visualizing and Verbalizing

Visualizing and Verbalizing is a program that focuses on the cognitive development and comprehension of the reading process. This program develops “concept imagery," helping the student to draw a visual image, which helps to improve reading and listening comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills.

Essentials for Living

This assessment and curriculum was developed by Patrick McGreevy, Ph.D, BCBA-D and focuses on the essential living skills needed by all individuals. This program focuses mostly on the skills of child and adults with moderate-to-severe disabilities, such as making requests, waiting, accepting removal and “no”, health and safety, communication, and behavior.