Student Life

Mainspring is commited to providing a rich educational experience to our students that includes classrooms tailored to their individual educational needs, an art and PE program, as well as various extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. It is our belief that a wide variety of experiences is important to the growth and success of special education students.


Our primary school classes focus on the foundational skills learned in elementary school, with a balanced concentration on academics, language, play, social interaction, and behavior. Students further develop their joint attention skills allowing them to engage with their teachers and peers, as well as acquire important independent learning skills, such as following a visual schedule and interacting with station-based activities that build on academic maintenance and motor skills.


Our intermediate classes include students who are in late elementary and transitioning into middle school age. These classes continue to focus on academics, based on Florida’s Access Points, as well as further development of functional language and proper social interaction. At this stage, we begin to put more emphasis on independent and daily living skills, such as hygiene, responsibility for self, and introductory vocational skills.


Our transition classes parallel our intermediate classrooms, but with a stronger emphasis on core academic skills and appropriate classroom behavior. The purpose of these classrooms is to prepare prepare students who have made meaningful gains, to transition back into a less restrictive school setting. Teachers incorporate Florida State Standards with the goal of maintaining appropriate grade-level skills to ensure success for our students as they work toward transition.


Our secondary classes include our students late middle-school to high-school aged. With a primary focus on functional academic skills, these students are provided with developmental and educational vocational curricula that supports the learning of essential skills. This allows students to achieve independence within the school, home, community, and work settings. These students focus on community participation, on-site vocational training, independent living skills, and social interactions.

G.R.O.W. Program

Our (Getting Ready for the Outside World) G.R.O.W. Program is a supportive transition class that invites students who have shown success in the acquisition of pre-vocational skills from our secondary program, and who are ready to generalize these skills into the community for weekly off-site lessons. Students practice real-time social communication, self-advocacy, planning, basic budgeting, and workplace skills. This program is focused on preparing our students to be most successful in community settings as they work toward graduation from Mainspring Academy.

Art Program

Our art program provides students with opportunities to creatively express themselves. This program incorporates fine motor skills, cognitive skills of matching and spatial awareness, and basic art principles.


Our physical education program provides a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities through instruction that allows students to acquire physical skills. Students practice skills specific to Special Olympics sports throughout the school year.


Our students experience many additional enrichment activities outside of the classroom. These activities include:

Mainspring-Studentlife-Enrichment-Special Olympics-Image

Special Olympics

Mainspring-Studentlife-Enrichment-Class Field Trips -Image

Class Field Trips


Adaptive PE



Mainspring-Studentlife-Enrichment-Food Truck Fridays-Image

Food Truck Fridays


School Events


Afterschool and Summer Programs

Mainspring-Studentlife-Enrichment-Heal Zoo & Making Strides Walk-Image

Heal Zoo & Making Strides Walk


G.R.O.W. Program