Community Volunteer Application

If you are volunteering for Mainspring as a local community member, please fill out the preliminary volunteer application below*.

*This form is accessible via mobile devices. However, desktop devices are best for optimal functionality. An inoperative “submit” button indicates that some form fields are missing or typed incorrectly. Desktop devices will describe any necessary corrections that hinder submissions, but mobile forms do not have this function.
We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Mainspring Academy. Prior to submitting this application and in order to confirm availability for your event of interest, please first contact Sabrena Snow, Director of Student and Community Affairs, at [email protected] .
Volunteer Information

Emergency Contact Information

Please answer the following questions:

Will you need a record of volunteer hours?
Do you understand that volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult?
Do you understand that you must be able to provide a valid photo ID upon arrival to the event?
Do you use illegal drugs?
Have you ever been convicted of, or granted probation before judgment for a criminal offense?
Have you ever been charged (as an adult or juvenile) with neglect, abuse, or assault?
If working directly with students, do you understand that Mainspring Academy may require an additional application process, which will include a Level II background screening?

(1) Adult Non-Family Reference

Mainspring Academy is closed for Spring Break beginning 3/10/2023 to 3/17/2023. We will be responding to inquiries promptly upon our return.