how to apply for mckay scholarship

How to Apply for the McKay Scholarship

The McKay Scholarship is one of several options under Florida’s school choice programs. These programs allow parents to choose the best educational setting- public or private- considering their child’s individual needs. The McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities provides students who have an IEP or 504 plan the opportunity to attend a participating private school, such as Mainspring Academy. In addition to the private school option, parents may also choose to enroll their child in an in-district or out-of-district public school of their choice.

Most of the students at Mainspring are McKay Scholarship recipients and utilize the funding to offset tuition. Whether you choose Mainspring, or another approved private school option, the McKay Scholarship program may help your family cover the costs of tuition until your child’s 22nd birthday.

Dina Parisi, Mainspring Academy’s Head of School has created this quick tutorial to show you how to determine eligibility and file intent for the McKay Scholarship. If you have questions regarding the McKay scholarship, or other scholarship options, please click here to contact us or call (904) 503-0344.